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Huge bbpress problem! Bad wordpress integration!

  • So my bbpress is broken, and I don’t know how to fix it.

    I built my site with wordpress in a sub directory. I integrated my bbpress with my wordpress and it worked great!

    Then I decided that I wanted my URL to look like its own domain, instead of a subdomain. My wordpress went from being


    I saved my pagelinks and presto, everything is snazzy. I went to check my forum, however, and it was broken. My forum was missing, but I still saw the admin section. So no sweat, I logged into the dashboard and proceeded to change the URL in settings from


    Thinking that this would solve the issue. I clicked update, and got to an “oops! page not found” screen. But now I can’t even log into my bbpress install dashboard. Everything I do now sends me to an “oops” error page.

    I tried uninstalling bbpress by removing the folder and removing the wordpress bbpress integration plugin. I tried doing a new, clean installation of bbpress, but when I get to step two I see the message “Woops! Looks like you already have bbpress installed” and it wont let me go further. I even tried installing it in a different subdirectory and got the same problem. My questions are:

    1) How do I re-install bbpress?

    2) Is there some code I need to remove from my wordpress installation?

    3) How do I re-integrate my bbpress with wordpress so that they share the same database? I had it working splendidly until I changed my WordPress domain name.

    WordPress site:

    Bbpress installation:

    Thanks all!

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  • Rohan Kapoor


    Your problem is the bbpress database tables. you can directly change the bb_optionmeta table to show the changes to the new location. That should fix it. Also delete your .htaccess fiel.

    Thank you SO much! I went in and just deleted all tables that started with bb_ then I was able to reinstall my forum.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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