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Bottom proof the integration screencast rules!

  • Hi all,

    So total non-coding newbie here (although I wanna get under the hood with this stuff). I watched and followed the screencast posted here for the integration of wp and bb and it worked like a charm. The trick for noobs is to have the screencast on one tab and the process on another tab — then pause at every step and make sure everything matches. No shortcuts! What was also nice about that is I also got a good idea about how everything in the integration looked in the scary coding areas. So nice work. Anyway, check it out (and sign up for the forum if you are into this kinda thing!)

    ps — the site’s still under construction, but I got the forums going anyway!

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  • _ck_


    Glad to see you got it going, even the menu links are there now, nice job.

    Fairly impressive for someone who didn’t know any html or php, etc.

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