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HTTP Error 500 on Topics within "Group" Forums

  • RiGoRmOrTiS_UK


    Hi All,

    Hoping you can help; running WordPress 3.5.1 with Buddypress 1.7.1 and bbPress 2.3.2

    I’ve been running sitewide forums for quite a while without issue; but recently we have needed to enable groups and group forums. I have done this successfully and I’m able to create groups and add forums to them; these show up correctly under the Group Forums Category and also within people’s profiles and the group itself.

    However the problem arrives when trying to create a topic in a group forum (sitewide are still fine). You can create the topic and it is listed in the group forum after the fact; however when you click on topic to view it you get a http 500 error saying the page can’t be displayed.

    additionally topics posted in both privite and hidden forums also show up in the bbpress “recent topics” widget for everyone to see (even logged out people) which defeats the purpose of being private or hidden.

    I’ve tried using the forum repair option and this didnt help, anyone got any ideas what the problem might be?


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  • RiGoRmOrTiS_UK


    I’ve noticed under permalinks wordpress is complaining about access to the .htaccess file; could this cause the problem considering everything else is ok? or am I barking up the wrong tree?



    Hi, have you tried to repair file and folder premission on your webserver?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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