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HTML Tags Missing

  • mpriola


    I continue to have problems with the sidebar showing up below my content.

    In looking at the code generated by bbpress, I have noticed that on certain forum pages (the affected ones), bbpress is leaving out the opening body tag.

    My forum is at: Click down into any of the forums, and you’ll see:

    –All the sidebar content is below the main forum table, which expands to fill the whole screen.

    –The header and top menu content is disorganized and not properly styled.

    –When you view the source code for the page, you’ll notice the missing tag.

    I’ve done plenty of troubleshooting myself, but an absent body tag, together with a not-closed head tag, needs to be addressed before I can really do anything else–given the reliance of most style sheets on the presence of those tags.

    Any thoughts?

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