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HTML tags (again sorry)

  • Audiomonk


    I know the subject keeps coming up, and I’ve been through the posts and I’ve added the relevant code to my functions.php all good so far.

    My visual editor is inserting tags that get filtered out by BBpress. Is there any plugin that I can say a particular user can have any html? I’m wanting to add more available tags like <h1 style=”text align:center”> etc. All my efforts have failed miserably. I like BBpress, but other forum software doesn’t have these restrictions on basic text formatting.

    Maybe if you can explain what the code does rather than link to an example, I haven’t a clue about arrays or what => etc means and the syntax. I just want users to be able to add heading tags and a few other basic text formatting options to tie in with their visual editor.

    Thanks in advance

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