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html entities in notification email

  • roysmyth


    bbPress forums play an important part in an outdoor recreation club site I administer. Members make heavy use of notification emails to be informed of changes in scheduled events.

    Html entities in notification emails annoy the members. The members are non-technical. They don’t understand why characters such as & ‘ and – are replaced with strange codes in email.

    The fix is trivial, apply html_entity_decode() to the subject and message body before sending. I don’t see any security risk in this. (Someone please let me know if there is a risk; I’m using this fix on the site.)

    Can this be added to bbPress?

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  • tpayton


    I need this as well. Did you find a solution?



    I just wrote a little hack to do it. Seems very low prioirty for the bbpress team.

    Actually, what I hacked was the bbPress Custom Topic & Reply Notifications plugin. I was already using it on the site and it is a much more manageable thing to hack.

    You can get in touch directly if you want to do the same. wembaster at

    Makes the users happy.



    I tried to email you. Looks like one of them got kicked back. I assumed you mean “webmaster” and not “wembaster” right?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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