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Howt to change background and font colors in integrated bbress forums and posts

  • I have integrated bbpress in to my existing wordpress and everything is working great except it’s impossible to read the comments stuff. The background is white and the writing is yellow and sometimes white which you cant read at all.

    How do I change these colors

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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  • there is a styling file of the theme or of the bbpress and there you must change the color of the text, learn css.

    I figured as much, I just don’t know which file it is. Learn CSS…yea I’d like to…but I need to figure this out before then…thanks

    If it was in a regular theme I could figure it out, but it’s an integration so I’m not sure

    I want to know the same thing. I hope someone posts an answer that helps us. In the meantime, I can use the inspector developer tool in FireFox to find names of the page components. And then I can use Dreamweaver to search for them in the WP files. But that’s going to me a bit messy w/ this integration business. So… I am hoping for a simpler method.

    If you want to just do minor CSS tweaks then just put the changes at the bottom of your theme’s style.css and it *should* override things.



    Thanks Jaredatch and carminka,

    You are addressing a similar thread which I just posted on. I’m cross-posting this

    carminka because it could be useful for you:

    Incorporating bbPress theme files, into a pre-existing theme.

    jaredatch I haven’t had luck with overriding it in my theme’s css unless I use !important.

    To ask the same question that I asked there, is there a way to get bbpress to use a bbpress.css in the theme folder instead of the plugin folder?

    Really love bbpress… thanks

    Yes there is, I wrote a quick plugin for it.

    Take the code from and put it in a bbpress-css.php file inside your wp-content/plugins/ directory.

    Then go to your plugins page and activate the plugin.

    It will use bbpress.css from your theme directory, so my suggestion would be to make a copy of bbPress’s CSS file and move it there as a starting point, then you can edit as needed.

    Your advice is really appreciable. I learn here how can i change my font colors.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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