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How to use different custom template for user pages than other bbpress pages

  • Shashank Shekhar


    As per bbpress doc I found by default it uses page.php in wordpress theme to render all its contents. But since I have to use different template with a different sidebar and widgets I created forum.php copied from page.php in my wp-theme and luckily it worked. Dont know why its not mentioned in bbpress docs. Also, forums.php working fine, so I am in more doubt which file naming conventions is correct. Is it something missed to mention in bbpress docs? Please let me know.

    Further, for the bbpress user pages, like profile, edit profile, topic started etc. I need to use a custom template file in my theme. In bbpress templates as per documentation, I have checked all user templates inside are just contains the content part only not including header, footer, sidebar etc. And by default it also renders by page.php.

    How can I make a custom user template file other than page.php or forum.php which control all user related contents, so that I can have different template for forum or other pages?

    BBpress should have capability to use different template files for different kind of pages, or their should be settings in bbpress admin to select which template to use for what kind of pages.
    This is somewhat, wp-members, woocommerce and other plugins do for better integration in wordpress. These plugins have the ability to create different pages in admin editor having selected particular template to render and putting inside their shortcodes to render various types of contents. And also have the settings in their admin to set different pages/template for different stuff.

    Please let me know if this possible with bbpress 2.2.4 with wp 3.5.1 currently.
    If not possible please let me know how I can achieve the effect, with some sample custom code hints. Currently I dont need help to create bbpress admin side settings dropdown etc., becoz these are the thing I mentioned as suggestions to make bbpress better theme compatible.
    Right now, just need help how to use different template for user pages than other forum pages.


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  • ronsowewonso



    I’m trying to have different templates for different forum topics.

    Anyone got any ideas?



    Can you not hook into the classes provided to change the styling? Or are you looking for extra markup?

    Shashank Shekhar


    Not want to change styling. Need complete page markup, header, footer, content sidebar… as like in page.php for example. I want userpages to have little different markup than other bbpress forum pages. Please read my post again, it is already detailed.




    for my installation (WP 3.5.1 and bbpress 2.2.4) only forums.php is recognized by bbpress and can be used as a template.

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