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How to use AddQuicktag in bbpress editor

  • kenmild1972


    I’m trying to use AddQuicktag in bbpress “create new topics” editor, but doesn’t seem to work.
    It does work perfectly in the WordPress “create new topics” editor.

    Can someone tell me how to resolve this problem?

    Versions of software.
    WordPress 4.7.3
    bbPress 2.5.12
    AddQuicktag 2.5.1

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  • Hi,
    You might be better off asking in the support forum of that plugin (, but you will have to specify what does not work…
    – Do you see the custom type ‘topic’ and ‘reply’ in the settings of the plugin ?
    – Do you see the quicktags when you are adding a topic/reply ?
    – When you click on the button or in the dropdown, does some code show ?

    Because just a ‘it does not seem to work’ is very hard to give the correct support.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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