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how to upgrade bbpress 1.0.2 to a newer version?

  • Masoud Golchin


    i’m using bbpress 1.0.2 for my website forums since 2006 .
    i want to know how can i upgrade it to newer version?
    as you know automaticly upgrade is not possible 🙂

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  • Robin W


    this thread discusses

    looks like you need to go via 1.2 but then should just be export/import?

    of course back everything up before you start.

    Actually if I were doing this I’d do it on a test site first

    and just see if it works !

    Can you document as you go, and When you’ve done it, come back and give us how you did it, and I’ll add it to the

    to help someone in future

    Masoud Golchin


    thank you robin

    i checked this link:
    but it empty!

    Do you know how i can find the importer plugin?

    The importer is included in bbPress, open ‘Tools’ -> ‘Forums’ from your WordPress dashboard.



    I am having problems working thru this upgrade process. I just successfully upgraded all users, posts and forums from bbPress version to version 1.2. Conversion worked great.

    Now I am working on upgrading from bbPress version 1.2 to the latest. I installed WordPress version 2.5.4-5380. Then installed the bbPress plugin version 2.54.

    In Tools, Forums, Import forums, the correct information is entered. I also put a check mark in the box “Convert users (Attempt to import user accounts from previous forums)”. However, after clicking “Start” it trundles along and says “no users to convert”, “no passwords to clear”, “no forums to convert”, etc . . .

    Checking in Forums and Users, I do not see any of the previous users and forums added. I wonder if we need to add table prefix info (i.e. “bb_”) into the importer settings?

    I wonder if we need to add table prefix info (i.e. “bb_”) into the importer settings?

    Yes, you do 😉



    Yes, that was the problem. I added bb_ to table prefix and re-ran. Now it imported all users, forums, topics and posts from old version 1.2 bbPress. Woo-hoo! Thanks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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