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How to suppress the Lockerz Share button on forum index?

  • I’ve recently added the elegant and hugely popular (2 million+ downloads) Lockerz Share button (links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to my WordPress site and it’s doing a splendid job on pages and posts, but sadly it’s mucking up my bbPress forum page something horrible, with the button appearing underneath the name of each forum and double-spacing everything in the process. I built the page using the forum-index shortcode.

    Having a share button in this location (or rather having multiple buttons, one per forum name) makes little sense as few people will want to share the name of a forum, so I’d like to remove it.

    The Lockerz readme file tells one that to remove a button from individual posts and pages: “Insert the following tag into the page or post (HTML tab) that you do not want the button to appear in: <!--nosharesave-->

    I’ve tried adding that tag (without the quotes) to the top of my forum page using the HTML editor, but it don’t work (the share buttons still appear under each forum name), so my question is: Can someone tell me the bbPress page or file name to which this tag should be added?

    I realize this is a bbPress support forum and not one for Lockerz, but on the off-chance another bbPress user has come across the same problem I thought I’d ask (I would have started with a Lockerz forum, but there doesn’t seem to be one).

    If I can’t solve this problem I’m going to have to ditch the Lockerz share button and replace it with something that works better with bbPress — suggestions welcome.

    Here’s the button I’m using: .

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  • Martin


    When you find something that actually works properly with bbPress, please do let us know.

    Looking into this.

    On what theme(s) does the button actually output on any of the bbPress pages? Couldn’t yet reproduce with the default theme & configs.

    Here’s the site:

    Wanted buttons: .

    Unwanted buttons: .

    Does this help?

    That does help, thanks. I was able to reproduce the issue using the “bbPress (Twenty Ten) theme by WordPress and bbPress teams”.

    One observation is that the button does not appear on forum pages if your active theme does not include bbPress template files. For instance, switch to Twenty Eleven, and the button(s) no longer appear on your forums list page at /forums/

    Still digging…

    Thank you for your help, micropat.

    I’m not averse to switching themes as long as 20/11 isn’t too dissimilar from 20/10. I’ll look into 20/11; perhaps there are other benefits of switching.

    Another option is to try AddThis. It’s used on many popular sites.

    Dug a little further on the ‘list of Forums’ page and found that bbPress implements this as an Archive page.

    The next version of the plugin (. will have a new option to disable automatic output on Archive pages. Uncheck this box and you should be in good shape without the need to switch themes.

    Upcoming versions of the plugin will feature direct optimizations for bbPress, i.e. automatic output where it make sense for a forum, such as Topic pages instead of the bbPress’ Archive pages. :)

    Thanks for the lead, metaltoast.

    I tried AddThis, but it doesn’t work nicely on the bbPress forum index page. It adds its buttons below every forum name — it produces exactly the same unwanted results as Lockerz Share.

    AddThis does add to every page’s editing options a “don’t-use-addthis-on-this-page” option, but even when switched on, this option is not effective on the bbPress forum index page.

    bbPress is somehow making these plugins think that each forum name on the forum index page is either a post or a page unto itself. That’s what it looks like to me, but if I were an expert on this stuff I wouldn’t be here asking for help.

    micropat: I’ve just discovered your not-so-secret identity as Mr. AddToAny and am therefore disposed to follow your advice. I look forward to the next version of the plugin, and will leave it up on the site until then, munged forum index page and all.

    Thank you for turning, even for a moment, your god-like countenance towards me, a mere human [a little over the top, don’t you think? Ed.]

    Thank you for your kind [over the top] words. :) I appreciate it.

    FYI the version I mentioned above has been released. Please write back how that goes, and stay tuned for more updates.

    micropat: The new version works splendidly — the button appears on posts and pages but not on the forum index.

    Rastarr: I’m letting you know that I’ve found something that actually works with bbPress: Lockerz Share.


    CLOSE ON: GRABINARK. He wipes a tear from his cheek and sniffs.



    Thanks, micropat. You …. you made it work.


    GRABINARK bows and slowly walks backwards out of the room.



Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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