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How to stop sessions being killed

  • Ryan Hellyer



    I’m trying to setup a demo forum of bbPress (Version 1.0-alpha-6 ) to allow users to create their own bbPress themes. The template generator itself is powered by WordPress, and bar the occasional bug seems to work fine. The bbPress themes it exports seem to be working okay too bar a few code gremlins which I intend to iron out once I get the system up and running.

    What should happen, is that you should be able to go to the following URL, make as many modifications as you want, click submit and bam! a new design for your bbPress forum should be shown. However for some reason, whenever the bbPress forum loads it kills the session variables which store all of the data relating to the current design :(

    When you go back to the WordPress version ( the original design is gone and it reverts back to the default :(

    Any ideas?

    As a temporary measure I plan to create a WordPress Page with the same HTML as would be in the bbPress forum so that users can see their design as they’re modifying it. But it would make a lot more sense if they could modify it within a real live bbPress forum.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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