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How to stop new registrations on bbpress forum

  • Hi everybody,

    After a long “war” with spams in lost in end. I cant prevent them with plugins or even ban IP on .htaccess.

    Now, I’m planing to close new registration, and to leave forum like it is, no new posts.

    I have deleted code from register.php but again bot get registered on forum, I dont really know how they do it, since humans sent me emails why cant register on forum.

    Anyway, I need help to stop them!!!!

    if is needed here is forum im talking about

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  • KMarx


    I’m having this exact same problem and it’s horrible, it’s destroying my site!

    I installed Askimet and that helps, but not enough.

    I installed a human challenge for registration, again it helps – but not enough.

    I started blocking entire IP blocks via .htaccess – no luck.

    I finally removed the registration link for the sign up entirely – STILL getting new users.

    I spend an hour a day, every day of my life now just deleting spam accounts and spam posts that get past my filters. All I want to do is turn off registration and make it so only I can create accounts. I do NOT want to take down my site simply because I can’t get a handle on spam.

    PLEASE – any help with this would be most appreciated!

    Ideally I’d like to kill new user registration in a way that allows me to manually create accounts or, if that’s not doable – kill new registrations entirely.

    Please help, i’m desperate!

    Settings > General > uncheck “Anyone can register”.

    If you are getting spammed despite all your said then it’s likely being done by human spammers, which really there isn’t much you can do about since that will thwart almost any method to automatically block spam.



    Anybody tried WangGuard?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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