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How to stop forum spammers

  • ibnat


    Hi all,

    Obviously for a bbpress forum to run correctly registration needs to be open and allowed. But how do we stop spammers from registering?

    I have a captcha plugin to stop the bots but what on earth can we do with actual people that register in order to spam in new posts they create or in replies… (As has happened here in this bbpress forum today!)

    I do have the forum set for admin to approve new posts or replies from new members so spam posts dont get published and then notifications sent to people following the forums or topic…

    But how do we stop these nasty people from registering in the first place? I guess its impossible…

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  • Robin W


    Not a lot – I delete 3-6 posts a day on this forum.

    As AI starts to get more popular for spammers, it is getting harder to spot them, many posts now have several sentences seeming to answer the question (though almost always in a generic way) before containing a link to their site to get their backlinks quota’s up.

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