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How to specify template for auto-generated Forum pages

  • ferule


    Hi all,

    I am using Thrive Theme Builder, which has a set of templates (or you can easily create your own) that you can apply to different pages, etc. One nice feature is that they are “smart” in that you can set your theme colors and then if you change them, they’ll change on all of the pages in your site that use the smart templates.

    It’s easy to specify which Thrive Theme Builder template to use for pages that show up in the wp Pages list. However, BBpress forum pages seem to be generated on demand. Right now, if I click on a forum, it us using a random (but probably the first alphabetical) template (the default “Audio post”). Which needless to say, is not what I want and is ugly to boot.

    Is there a way to specify which Thrive Theme Builder template to use for these pages? I am not a coder (at all) and I’m highly leery of poking around with php files and so on, especially as they might get overwritten or broken by wp or Thrive or BBpress updates down the line. So what I really want is a setting that says, “choose this Theme Builder template for the forum pages.”


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  • Robin W


    which has a set of templates (or you can easily create your own)

    if you create a template and call it ‘bbpress.php’ then this will be used by bbpress.


    Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum – Part 1

    section 8



    Thanks, the only thing is, I do not want to modify the php or css files. Not only is that a rathole that I’d never escape from, I do not feel competent to do so, and to be honest, I don’t want to learn all that. I wanted a forum plugin that would use my theme and allow me to style it by using one of my theme builder’s page templates, because that I know how to do.

    In any event, further research led me to discover that bbpress seems to use three custom post types: forum, topic, and replies. I can’t find documentation about when these custom post types are used, but I’m guessing that “forum” is used for the forum index listing, “topic” is used for the topic listing within an individual forum, and “replies” are for the replies.

    I figured out that Thrive Theme Builder lets you create a template and apply it to custom post types. I did that with the “forum” type and it it does seem to work. It looks ugly, but at least it applied the template and now I can fiddle with it.

    So then I tried it with the “topic” type, but that doesn’t seem to take effect. When I click on a a topic that I created, it takes me to a page that uses the default Theme Builder’s archive page. Not what I want at all. I would be fine if it used the same “forum” template, actually, but I don’t see how it does that.

    Finally, Theme Builder does not even show the “reply” type as an option so I can’t try making a template for that one.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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