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How to show a topic is closed on the front page

  • Like on the front forum page you can see “[resolved] Farsi bbpress 1.0.2” how can you make it show up if the topic is closed as well “[resolved] Farsi bbpress 1.0.2 [topic closed]”?

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  • chrishajer


    The [resolved] comes from a plugin, doesn’t it? Support Forums or something?

    The [topic closed] is built in to bbPress and I am not sure why that does not show up here. It does show up in my installs and I have customized the text. I am guessing it needs to be added to the theme?

    Or maybe there’s a conflict between the plugin and the core [topic closed]?

    it’s conflicting with




    So is that something that can be fixed in the plugin? It is a plugin for Support Forum functionality, isn’t it?

    It’s possible to have both… I hacked Support Forums to display whether these user-submitted Ideas were Under Review, Reviewed, or Implemented:

    And both the Support Forum “status” and the “closed” label appear… is that what you’re going for? If so let me know, and I can post the code I used to display the labels.

    Yes I would like both to show. JH nice site, getting married myself.

    Actually, it looks like bb_topic_labels prints both of them on my install… but I’m on 0.9.x:

    <div class="posttitle"><?php echo $sticky_label;?><?php bb_topic_labels(); ?><a>"><?php topic_title(); ?></a> <span class="postinfo"> by <?php $topic_author = get_topic_author(); ?> <a>topic_poster ) )) ?>"><?php echo($topic_author) ?></a> <?php echo get_topic_start_time(); ?> ago</div>

    There are some known bugs with Support Forum and 1.0… do you see an error like this one?

    If so, there’s a fix posted at that link I believe!

    Or if you don’t see an error like that, please let us know exactly what behavior you see when you activate the plugin and then close a topic and change its status using Support Forum. Thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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