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How to setup users?

  • Hey guys, I used the bbpress plugin for my site (which I am hosting locally with Wamp), it installed so easily, looks like user-friendliness seems to be pretty important to you guys. Before I set myself up with an internet hosting client, how do I set the site up so that anybody can register and make read/contribute to my forums?

    I am using project site as a forum-only website, so they will not be posting blogs or anything.

    I plan to try to get second level students and teachers registering. As many as possible, so i’d like it if i didn’t have to do anything for them to register.

    Thanks in advance guys, i’m a major newcomer when it comes to webdesign.

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  • dosch


    WordPress allows for anyone to register to your website. If you enable this option under general settings then you have everything you want. ;-)

    Good luck!

    Oh, great! And that means I do nothing? I’m finished? Wahoo!!




    There are some nifty plug-ins you might want to look at so you can send new members custom welcome emails and redirect them on their first-sign on to their own profile page as so to encourage them to complete their profile.

    Also adding custom fields to the profiles of members can be a great way to get them to share more information about themselves and relevant to the community of the forum.



    I am having a problem isolating what users can do on my website. When I restrict user to just the forum, it still allows them access to change things on my website. Is there any way to allow just a bbpress forum log in? Or, what should I change my permissions to under general settings to allow NON admin people to only view/submit/edit/change their posts on the forum and NOT my website….If that makes sense…



    I agree with heavydutyfd and others. I would be much better to have a different table in the database for users of the forum (bbPress) and a different one for users or the site (WP). Actually I am still using bbPres 1.0.1 in order to not include that users (about 6000, quite all spammers) in my WP database.

    Is there any plugin for creating a different table of the database? Thanks, guys.



    There is no plugin for separate users, and frankly having something like that in core makes no sense and will never happen. Take out the users from the equation and you don’t have a plugin anymore, you might as well use any other forum software on the market.

    The new trunk vs. of bbPress has a roles system pretty much built in, so that a member who is allowed to post in the forums does not automatically have the ability to post in the blog. The roles are totally separate. I’m sure as time goes by that the roles system will be expanded even further to allow much finer control, but for now, it is a huge step forward, and shows great progress.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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