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How to set up bbPress to /forums

  • Se3ker


    How do you set up bbPress to show forum list when accessing url like:

    http://localhost:11111/forums/ at my end this is not working, or am I missing something, do I need to create a page and put a shortcode in it??

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  • Anonymous User 5853594


    In the Dashboard, at Settings > Forums, you can edit the single slugs. If you remove the Forum Prefix, you’ll get your forums at

    To create an index for your forums at that address, just create a page with the [bbp-forum-index] in it and give it the slug “forums”.

    You can mess it up if you have the same slugs for tags for posts and the forums, so watch out that you don’t break your site. The forum prefix is to save you from doing that, but if you watch what you’re doing it’s not that much of a problem to remove it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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