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How to set the User Role Map

  • Mohamed



    I’ve just finished installing the wordpress and bbpress and did the dual log in correctly but now I want to know how to set the User Role Map correctly as I do not know how or which one to pick and associate with each one

    For example, for WordPress Administrator shall I pick key master or which one?

    Also for WordPress Editor which one I should pick!?


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  • There’s not necessarily a ‘correct’ way to map users across, it just depends what you want your WordPress users to be capable of in bbPress.

    The bbPress Key Master is the equivalent of a WordPress Admin: it gives full control over all options for bbPress.

    bbPress Admins can edit forums and users, but not access options.

    bbPress Moderators can see the user list and edit topics, but not mess with forums or users.

    Members can post and edit their own posts.

    Inactive users can view topics, but not post… and blocked users can’t do anything at all.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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