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How to send forum posts to email

  • i need help with creating a plugin that helps send a forum post through email.i have achieved sending a notification with title of the post and author but i need to also show the contents of the post.Also i need some one to be able to reply to this post through email.Any help please.Am new to bbpress and plugin creation.


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  • michael3185


    Neat idea xtint – I like it. I’m not a bbPress hotshot by any means, and am also busy with my own forum set-up, but I’ll keep tabs on this one. There are some superb coders in the forum, and I’m sure you’ll get some pointers soon enough.

    Thanks Michael3185.nways one of the things i need right now is the filter that pulls the post’s content like this one for the topic




    i have now figured out how to send forum posts to registered users through email but what i have failed is to let users reply to this post through email.please any one have an idea.




    Can you give me the current source of the plugin you have made?

    You can get the post text (of the first post of the topic) by:

    global $bbdb;

    $topic_id_ft = get_topic_id(); //topic id for getting text of first post of the topic

    $first_post = (int) $bbdb->get_var("SELECT post_id FROM $bbdb->posts WHERE topic_id = $topic_id_ft ORDER BY post_id ASC LIMIT 1");

    $content = urlencode(substr(strip_tags(strip_shortcodes(get_post_text($first_post))),0,300));

    $content = str_replace('+','%20', $content);

    $content = str_replace("’","'", $content);

    $post_summary = stripslashes($content);

    Gautam that is the source.i adopted it from Thomas Klaiber post notification plugin.Klaiber plugin sends one email notification on topics in their favourites only without the i need to figure out how to reply to a post through email.


    function notification_new_post()


    global $bbdb, $bb_table_prefix, $topic_id,$bb_current_user,$post_id;

    $all_users = notification_select_all_users();

    foreach ($all_users as $userdata) :

    $topic = get_topic($topic_id);

    $posts = get_thread($topic_id, 1, 1);

    $posts = array_reverse($posts);

    $last = array_pop($posts);

    $last_text = strip_tags($last->post_text);

    $message = __(“There is a new post on the forumnnTopic title: %1$s nPosted by: %2$snn Url:%3$s nn Contents nn %4$s”);

    mail( $userdata->user_email, bb_get_option(‘name’) . ‘:’ . __(‘Notification’),

    sprintf( $message, $topic->topic_title,get_user_name($bb_current_user->ID),get_topic_link($topic_id),$last_text),

    ‘From: ‘ . bb_get_option(‘admin_email’) );



    add_action(‘bb_new_post’, ‘notification_new_post’);

    function notification_select_all_users()


    global $bbdb;

    $all_users = $bbdb->get_results(“SELECT ID, user_email FROM $bbdb->users WHERE user_status=0”);

    return $all_users;



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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