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how to redirect bbpress permalinks

  • christap


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    This may be a quasi-novice question but here goes. I currently set up bbpress on a page in wordpress. This page is password protected. I’ve installed bbpress on the page so that users who have this password can post as “guest” because this is a private/trusted community, rather forcing them to have to create a profile and login to use the forum.


    If I copy and paste the url of one of the forums (e.g: to another user outside of the community, they are able to view that topic and post to it. I would love if there was a way to redirect all the bbpress permalinks to the main page (e.g: in case they are not apart of the community (here is where the user has to plugin the password to access the content).

    Man, I hope this was clear enough.

    Many thanks in advance!

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