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How to recover password

  • Okay after trying to install my BBPress for 4 hours I finally got it up and running. However I could not figure out the complete integration into my WP blog so I think I got like half of it installed. Long story short, I decided to push it one more time in the Integration section of the admin section and there is a part at the very bottom where it says your two databases might be the same and if so it’s usually _wp so I changed that setting to _wp.

    Then it made me log back into my BBpress but it did not recognize my password. Now it is saying that none of the names I’m entering are recognized users. Not even “admin” is working. WTF! Does anyone know how this happened and what I can do to get logged back in as the admin? Why is there not an “send info to email” for a password/user recovery?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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