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How to properly display the Forum Categories List inside of a Widget?

  • I’ve created a Widget that displays several different Forum related items in four different tabs. I’m having trouble with displaying the Forum Categories List properly however. I’ve modified loop-forums.php so that it calls loop-theWidget-single-forum.php and I’ve removed the bits from the loop-single forum that I did not need(in the copied one that’s displaying on the sidebar). This works perfectly EXCEPT … When you are on inside the Forums on the Topics List Page the Categories section of the Widget shows NOTHING AT ALL and then when you actually go inside of a Topic it then displays the infamous “Oh bother! No forums found.” thing. What I’m not fully understanding is that the Widget works EVERYWHERE ELSE on the website just fine.

    Figure I’m missing some bit that I need to add so I came to the experts… What do I need to add / modify to make this tab of my Widget perform as intended? The Widget can be viewed at…

    … and the current loop-single-forum.php that I’m utilizing looks like this…

    <tr id="bbp-forum-" >
            <a class="bbp-forum-title" href="" title="">
    <!-- bbp-forum- -->

    … any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks, in advance, for your time and assistance.


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  • I have absolutely NO IDEA why I can NOT get code to properly display on this website. Sorry, if you need to see the file I’m using I can send it to you but basically it’s the same exact one with everything stripped from it but the forum title.

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