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How to migrate a Drupal forum to Buddypress

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    Hi, I have a question about forum migration. I need to migrate a Drupal 6 forum into BBPress. I see Drupal 7 migration is supported I have some questions:

    Can this migration be easily done from Drupal 6?
    Can I pay a BBPress professional to do it?

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  • Drupal v7 is supported, I have had a quick play with Drupal v8 alpha/beta but I have never looked at Drupal v6 so what the database tables look like I have no idea 🙁

    Two options:

    1) Can you copy your Drupal v6 database to a test server and upgrade it to Drupal v7?

    2) We create a new Drupal v6 import tool



    OK, thanks for the reply. I am looking at my options at the moment. I may suggest to the charity they leave the forum in Drupal on a sub domain and let me build their website in WordPress. I will come back to you when I spoke to someone at the organisation.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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