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How to link forum post with blog post

  • michaelgoal


    I want to customize my bbPress forum so that when i have created a new discussion in a specific category, it has to show a “Create Blog post” link in the bottom.
    When i click at this link it has to sent me to the “Create New Post” page.
    Its the “User Blog” plugin that i use.

    BuddyPress User Blog

    It means that the ID and the category for the forum discussion created, has to be sent with the link to the “Create new post” page.
    What i want is that the specific forum discussion can be related to the blogposts.

    When one or more blogs are created relating to a discussion, then a link has to show up, so members can see a page with an overview (links) of blogs related to this discussion.

    Someone who knows if this possibility already exist or can help me to fix it out ?

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