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How to keep members in their own forum?

  • tech-pc


    How to keep members in their own forum?

    I have a site “” with wordpress/bbpress, currently this site has 1 forum for a club-A, all the registered users use this forum. All members are manually activated. All is good. ( I love BBpress! )

    HOWEVER -“IF” I were to wish to add another forum for Club-B within “” and keep those users seperate from the CLUB-A forum and vice-versa how is that accomplished?

    It seems that within wordpress/bbpress all registered users would normally have access to both forums.

    Example: “Joe” could be a member of Club-A and Club-B and therefore should have access to both of those forums. “Sally” is only a member of Club-A and therefore should only access Club-A forum.

    I do have the following plugins that “may” help- but not sure how to implement them to accomplish this or if it’s even possible.

    1 – Capabilities Manager
    2 – WP Members
    3 – login-logout redirects

    Thanks in advance for any help or ideas that you can provide – I’m stumped! So far everything I have thought of to accomplish this has failed- so I thought I’d ask here before I end up breaking something.

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  • tech-pc


    SOLVED! “Private Groups” Plugin does all of this and more!!! AWESOME plugin- this should be built into the core of BBpress- it’s that good!

    Pascal Casier


    Yes, bbP Private Groups is also my preferred option for this kind of setup !

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