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  • cclemens


    We have a WordPress website that includes CiviCRM, WooCommerce and also BBPress forums plugins. We have no tech experts in our offices–much of the website management falls to me. I have a lot of WordPress experience, but I’m no developer by any means. Managing a regular failing system of integrated plugins inspired us to join up with Neon to abolish CiviCRM and Woo from our website, in hopes of streamlining the logins and profiles and having fewer things to break…and troubleshoot.

    Currently, we have a) WordPress users, who have b) WooCommerce memberships affiliated with them, which also syncs with c) CiviCRM. Additionally, we have a BBPress fueled forum which is open and public for all to view, but requires a membership to actually post and reply to.

    During our consults with Neon, we were told about a single-sign on plugin that links their CRM with our WordPress site. Earlier this week I began researching how to set that up and discovered a few roadblocks that concern me. I’m hoping you can help shed some light on how best we can utilize the single-sign on function and still maintain our current operation with as little interruption as possible to our membership.

    What I’d like to know is:
    Once I delete all of the WordPress users out of our website (they can’t be in place because their sign-on is dictated by NeonCRM), what happens to the data in BBpress forums? Those posts are associated with usernames, but if the usernames are deleted…. then what?

    Then, is there a way to associate those posts with their NEW sign-on that is associated with NeonCRM?

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  • Robin W


    knowing nothing about NeonCRM, I would have no idea, and suspect you will struggle to get an answer to this. bbpress uses custom post types, but otherwise is wordpress, so the answer should be the same as it would be for a wordpress post if that helps.

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