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How to integrate bbPress 0.9 with WordPress 2.3 or lower

  • Sam Bauers


    bbPress 0.9 requires WordPress 2.5 “out of the box” but I have just released a couple of plugins that allow for integration with earlier versions of WordPress (e.g. version 2.3).

    Although you can use these plugins to get integration with earlier versions happening, it is still strongly recommended that you upgrade your WordPress installation to version 2.5!

    Only follow this guide if you are using bbPress 0.9 or higher and are trying to integrate it with a WordPress installation with a version earlier than version 2.5!!!

    The problem with using earlier versions of WordPress is two-fold:

    1. The password hashing algorithm has changed.
    2. The authentication cookie is now different.

    The solution is to install these two plugins into bbPress:

    1. MD5 Insecurity for bbPress” – downgrades bbPress’ password hashing back to MD5.
    2. Mouldy Old Cookies for bbPress” – Reinstates use of the old cookie styles in bbPress.

    Download and install each of these into bbPress. No plugins should be necessary in WordPress to enable integration.

    I recommend you make these plugins “autoload” by pre-pending an underscore “_” to the plugin filename. This means the plugins will always load and can’t be deactivated from the plugin page in the admin area.

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  • Sam, I have both of these plugins running on the latest version of bbpress .9.0.1 and I’m using wordpress 2.3.3. Even before I installed any of your plugins, the user databases transferred between the two but the user roles have never been assigned correctly. Ever since I installed the moldy cookie plugin, I can login on my forums and go to wordpress but when I got from wordpress to bbpress it logs me out. In addition, I can only log onto bbpress now and not wordpress, wordpress says my password is invalid. So I can login through bbpress and go to wordpress fine, but I can’t do it vice versa. Any suggestions?


    Scratch that, it works perfectly now, the problem was that I setup a subdomain and it only carried the cookie if I made it




    Hi Sam, would this hold good to WPMU as well? I figure it is definitely not as up to date as WP.

    I tried installing these plugins in bbPress but WordPress doesn’t seem to recognize that I am already logged into bbPress or vice versa.

    When I look at the cookies, WPMU has just wordpresspass & wordpressuser set. The bbPress cookies look like wordpressuser_2c7… & wordpresspass_2c7..

    This is with the two plugins installed and made to load with the underscore.

    I will appreciate any help. Thanks!

    Sam Bauers


    Try putting this in your bb-config, it should rename those bbPress cookies for you:

    $bb->usercookie = 'wordpressuser';
    $bb->passcookie = 'wordpresspass';


    You may also need to adjust the cookie domain and path, but try that first.



    Hi Sam,

    youve been a great help so far. I was just going through the installation of bbpress. Now I have wpmu installed on my server I wanted to integrate bbpress into it. I guess wpmu is in 2.3.3 stage as of now. So I wanted to ask you, should I go through the wordpress integration option which bbpress gives during the installation?



    Sam Bauers


    @ blackidlabs

    I think a new release of WPMU is imminent. You might want to hold off until it is released, or you can simply follow the same integration steps as for WP2.3 (installing required compatibility plugins)

    If you have any issues, then ask here.

    Sam Bauers


    New WordPress MU 1.5 release candidate is now out:



    For some reason, I’m getting two sets of cookies being set.

    Both WordPress and bbPress are setting wordpresspass_ & wordpressuser_ cookies. The domains and paths are identical but the hash part of the key is the different.

    Any ideas why WP and bbP might still be out of sync after following the instructions above?



    This thread is pretty old. What versions are you integrating?



    bbP 0.9.4 & WP (ahem) 2.0.11.

    Unfortunately in a position that I can’t upgrade WP at the moment.

    bbP is using the WP users table fine, but doubling up on the cookies for some reason.



    OK, fixed with the “put $bb->usercookie = ‘wordpressuser_[Insert MD5Hash]’; into the bb-config.php file” hack.




    I hope to find an answer here. I write to WordPress, to bluehost, everywhere and anybody answer to me. I explain my problem:

    I must re-install all my website, and it’s impossible to have on-site

    registration box, on the right column in the begin. I try all since for

    days. Only invitations run. But I want register members who want to take

    part on this platform.

    The page of BP Compability, this sentence is:

    “Navigation Links

    “You may want to add new navigation tabs or links to your theme to link to

    BuddyPress directory pages. The default set of links are:

    Register: (registration must be


    But I look at for this file, I don’t find it. I made a special page for

    regster too, but it didn’t run. For all other files for register, they are

    all active, it’s ok. Just one on “BuddyPress / pb-core / pb-core-

    signup.php (inactive)” What I must to do.

    I want to put widgets for register, but anyone run. Sorry for my bad



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