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How to install /forum in parallel to /blog?

  • Hi,

    On my website I have in root folder of the domain ( all html static pages. Some time ago I installed on that website the WordPress package, for blogging. As it was allowed in standard setup, WordPress files are located in folder and blog is accessible via

    Recently I decided to add forum to the site, using existing WordPress installation. After bbress plugin installation, when I configure the forum, it is by default appended to blog – current WordPress starting folder and addressed as, which is messy and confusing.

    How to setup bbpress in this environment to have forum root separated and directed to in parallel to blog

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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  • Any idea how to setup bbress plugin to separate /forum in the address line from /blog, having forum at the root level?



    Try creating a page with the same slug and associate it with forums base slug.

    Thanks, I was already trying that and the result was the same: Maybe I did something wrong… How should I do it properly?

    Does anyone know whether it’s possible to solve this /blog/forum/ issue and eventually how to setup bbPress plugin?

    Is there anybody who can clarify whether there is a method of installing and/or setting up the bbPress plugin to access the blog and forum separately via virtual /blog and /forum subfolders respectively, having physically installed WordPress files in subfolder?



    well this is what I want to do but I want to have no blog folder, just have the blog on root and the forum in /forum folder.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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