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How to install a custom theme?

  • LindaHarrison


    I have been struggling with this for hours. The forum I am trying to build is at

    I wanted to install “bbGrunge” and then edit it to fit with my theme. However, I am having no luck installing it.

    I would really appreciate it if someone explained in really detailed but using simple terms, how I to install bbGrunge on a bbpress forum.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I think I’m probably missing something very simple, but I’ve searched and searched and tested several different things, but nothing is working.

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  • First off:

    A 50 themes pack for the summerboard!

    Hope you like it

    Download: http://rapid$

    (replace $ with s)

    Password: aD349DJ3@9-_ag


    Many thanks to mhu for creating that for everyone.

    You must download the rar, and extract it into whichever folder you like using the password listed above.


    You need to use ibrickr 0.91 in order to install the themes onto your iPhone.

    Open iBrickr then go to Files -> Var->Root->Library->Summerboard-> Themes

    Once in the themes folder, create a folder and write whatever name you would like your theme to be called. For example “Stickies”

    Afterwords, select “upload file” and upload both the dock icon, and background icon.

    Once that is done, create another folder within your “Stickies” folder, and call it “Icons”

    Then select that folder, and go “upload files” again, and copy all of the files inside the “Icons” folder of the theme you selected.

    Once that is all said and done, go to SMBPrefs and select your new theme!

    If for some reason you do not like your theme, you can always go back and delete it by downloading the program “iPhone Browser” A link for iphone browser is provided below.

    Hope that helps.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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