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How to get user to their profile

  • sustainablelifestylesgame



    I am using bbPres 2.5.12 in the Nisarg theme.

    When a user is logged in the sidebar, under the profile pic, there are three menu items (Dashboard, profile, and log out). The first two go to the same place as I had set the user to not be able to get to the dashboard. The issue I am faced with is how to get a user to their actual profile – the one with a banner image and profile pic. When “Profile” is clicked in the side menu the page I get is one that says “Your Profile” at the top and has editing options for “Personal Options”, “Name”, and “Contact Info” – not their actual public profile. The only way I can seem to get to the profile is to click on my name from the members list or while in a forum. I would have guessed that when I clicked profile on the right hand menu it would take me to my public profile.

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