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How to do a clean un-install?

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    What does this insert in the db that I need to remove manually?

    Because my blog messed up because of this plugin. It is poorly coded to deal with the following situation:

    Owner doesn’t want to get hacked because he has user ID 1 so he creates a new admin account and changes his previous account data to the new one.

    This the plugin does not handle well…

    Now I got no forum rules tab in user list, all forum roles are loaded in the blog roles.

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  • There is nothing you need to remove manually, if you go to Tools -> Forums -> Reset Forums all bbPress data will be deleted from the database.

    If you are changing the user ID directly in the database and ‘do it wrong’ you are most certainly going to have permission and capability issues with the user ID.

    You should create a new user, assign them the WordPress ‘Administrator’, then assign the bbPress role ‘Keymaster’. Logout of your current admin account and test your new admin account. If everything works and you have transferred any posts, pages, forums, topics, replies etc to the new user then go ahead and delete the old account once you have confirmed ‘all the things’.

    Note: Your posts were being picked up as spam by Akismet for some reason that is why they didn’t show up.

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