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How to disable Tags in bbPress 2?

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    Do you find a way to disable tags?? Im looking for the same :/

    If its possible i’m looking forward to a solution for this as well.

    To my knowledge there is no “switch” that turns them off.

    I believe you will need to edit your theme to remove where the tags are being called.



    Hi at all

    sorry my english is not very good;-)

    where can I find the code (I think he is in the themes folder) to delete the tags?

    thank you very much!

    As I said we don’t have any copy and paste code to do this at the moment.

    You’ll need to do some digging around in the bbPress theme and remove the tag functions. Another alternative would be to hide them with CSS but that is not ideal at all.



    Okay….but where can i find the code? In which file? and exactly what to look I do? realized under the “tags” I find nothing… :-(

    thank you very much

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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