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how to delete spam comments from the database

  • SteveDrum


    hello. i just want to check something… before i go and do it and mess everything up.

    askimet has caughts loads of spam comments on my forum, which is great, but they are still in the database. i would like to remove them completely.

    i reckon that this is the correct entry, but does anyone know for sure?

    delete from bb_posts where post_status = '2';

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  • chrishajer


    There was this:

    If post_status 2 is a reply marked as spam, then that query would take care of it. But I think it could strand information in other tables that is related to that reply. I’m thinking specifically where the last reply is attributed to a topic or a user. Not sure what happens when you delete the reply that is referred to in another table.

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