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how to create dynamic reply-box

  • vincitytaymodaimo


    I assume this is pretty standard, but on our forum site (, the bbpress “reply box” is located at the bottom of any given Topic post. So, when someone wants to reply, they need to scroll all the way down. Also, directly beneath each existing reply is a “reply button”. If someone wants to reply to an existing reply, they click this button…. but what happens is that the Topic post reloads in their browser and then they’re taken to the bottom of the Topic where the reply-box resides.

    What we want, is this: when someone clicks reply, a reply-box appears directly beneath the existing reply they’re replying to (basically, how reddit works). I’ve seen at least one site that has managed to do this with some kind of customizing of bbpress, but nobody seems to want to share.

    In order to see how the reply button on our site currently works, you can use our dummy-test-account to login (just please be respectful and don’t make me delete too much spam) UN: [redacted] PW: [redacted] And use this discussion to see how the reply function currently operates:

    Any help at all would be hugely appreciated. The current functionality really makes for a poor forum experience for our members.

    Also, we’re currently running bbpress 2.5.10 and WordPress 4.6.1.

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  • Robin W


    sorry, that’s how it works in bbpress.

    But if you do get to someone who has coded, please post the result back here to help others.

    my style pack plugin has a button you can add to the pages to make it clearer

    bbp style pack

    once activated go to

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>Buttons

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