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How to convert a reply to a topic?

  • Anonymous User 7670885


    Hi! Like from object… can i change a reply to a topic?
    – Latest bbpress plugin release and latest wp release 😉

    • Thanks in advance, DarkWolf 🙂
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  • When you have admin or mod privileges you can ‘split’ a thread whilst viewing the topic which will convert a reply into a new topic.

    eg. If you current thread has a topic called topic1 with three replies reply1, reply2 & reply3 you can split the thread into two by clicking ‘split’ on the reply2 it will show you a couple of options about the thread split and you will now have two threads the first with Topic1 & Reply1 and the second thread now has Reply2 & Reply3 though Reply2 has now been converted from a reply to a topic.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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