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How to change URI for single forum?

  • bruceleebee



    I’m trying to integrate my forum with the s2member plugin so that only ONE of my forums is blocked for private membership access. All other forums should remain free.

    So I want Forum-A to be free, but Forum-B to be premium members only.

    But the problem is that s2member restricts access via URI fragment.

    So I can try and restrict access by telling s2member to block all pages that contain “Forum-B” in the URL. But the problem is that for replies and topics, the “Forum-B” part does not stay in the URL, so everyone will be able to get access to this private forum.

    A topic in Forum-A looks like:

    A topic in Forum-B (the private forum I am trying to lock) looks like:

    So as you can see I cannot lock-out all access to Forum-B by including that URI because it does not appear in URL of the topic.

    Is there anyway I can make bbPress ALWAYS have some sort of unique identifier in the URL for a specific forum?

    Or any other genius fixes for this?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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