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How to change the topic link?

  • jakobnorris


    Hey guys.

    So I Have a forum and inside that forum I have a subforum. So my link will look like this.

    ”ideas” is the subforum. Now when I post something new inside ”ideas” it will get this link.

    How do I change that Url, so my subforum is included.

    So it goes like this. or

    I know this is a long name but the reason why I want this is because I am going to restrict some of the forums and its going to be based on keywords.

    So in order to restrict an specific forum i need the keyword ” /ideas/topic – then my program will know that its the topics inside ”idea” that is restricted. I do know hoe to restrict a forum, but due to the ”Recent post” widget, people can always find a way inside. Unless I restrict every topics created in that forum.

    So that is why I need the url to be that specific.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best, Jakob

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  • Hi Jakob,

    You had put too many links, so your question was not approved automatically.

    This is a discussion ongoing for a while now. The only news I have is that you are not the only one requesting it and that it has been logged as a feature request. So in one of the next versions it should be possible to put a custom slug/url.


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