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How to change the default user site role "participant"?

  • dzung



    I have a site with bbPress intalled. I have set the New User Default role in Setting/General to a Custom Role that I made. in bbPress setting, the default role is “Participant”.

    The issue is when a new user created their Site role auto set to “Participant”. does anyone know, how to fix this so that new user will have site role as the value set in Setting/General?

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  • Leonyipa


    go to Admin Dashboard ->Settings->Forums->Auto Role



    @leonyipa, thanks for that but I’ve done it already. “in bbPress setting, the default role is “Participant” I meant I set the auto default role to be Participant.

    So here are steps that I do:
    – In stall, WP and Go to Dashboard-Setting-General – Set New User Default Role to “Subcriber”
    – Install bbPress, go to Dashboard – Setting – Forums – Check the option for Auto Role and set it to “Participant”
    – On front end- I create an account for test!

    – In Dashboard – Users List: The Forum Role of the newly created user is “Participant” – The Site Role value is “Participant” which I expect should be “Subcriber”.

    If I un-check/disable the Auto Role in bbPress setting, then when someone create an account the Site Role value of that user would be “none” and the value for Forum Role would still be “Participant” – I don’t know what wrong!

    The actual bbPress role is not assigned to the user until they login for the first time.



    @netweb Thank you for replying my question, could you please read the below info and give me some guide, thanks a lot in advanced!

    I have installed the following plugins: buddyPress, bbPresss, wp-roles at registration(Allow me to have a drop-down which user can choose their role at registration), buddyPress xProfiles ACL (allow me to set buddyPress xProfile group to Role) and BP Force Profile (display a message and require user to fill in required fields after register and log in before continue).

    So I have a Role called “Student” and using buddyPress xProfiles ACL I set a set of xProfile Fields to that Student Role.
    I create a User and choose Role as Student and log in with it. I see the message of BP Force Profile that requires me to fill in the missing fields of Student Role User – this means this user role is set to the Student Role.

    But, in Admin panel, I still see in the User list: that user Site Role is still : Participant.

    In the BuddyPress xProfiles ACL I set it to display the Student Profile Group Fields on User Profile Edit page if the Role of User is Student, but because the New created user Site Role is still Participant so the Student Profile Group Fields Edit Tab won’t be displayed on the User Profile edit Page..!

    I haven’t used any of those above plugins except BuddyPress of course so I really can’t help you there except to say that ‘bbPress Roles’ are separate to ‘WordPress Roles’ and most likely the ‘Student’ role you refer to above (and the plugins) are all manipulating WordPress’ roles for you and NOT bbPress roles.



    Thanks Stephen again – I couldn’t get the work with these plugin. I have switched to use buddyPress user account type plugin to do the same things and it works for me.

    Cool, glad your sorted 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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