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How to change path for log-in and log out.links

  • Hi folks,

    A newbe to WordPress and bbPress so please forgive me (and advise) if this post is in the wrong place.

    I’m working with my client’s existing website at I’m attempting to create a Forum in which his clients will be able to discuss their hunting experiences. My intent is to create the forum in a subdirectory and link to it from the main website.

    I installed WordPress in folder /wordpress. I installed bbPress. I had to change my Site Address (URL) in General Settings to (from so I could get my log in and log out buttons to work properly. (Without this change, the links would add an extra /wordpress to the url yielding something like . . .)

    Now my links to my Registration and Lost Password pages don’t work. The path does not include the /wordpress that it needs. i.e. the buttons are looking for the Registration page at instead of

    Ideally, I would like to get the login and logout links to quit adding the extra “/wordpress” to the path.

    I tried messing around with permalinks and slugs to change the path of these pages but WP apparently won’t allow the forward slash (/) after the


    As stated earlier, I am a newbe and I’m hoping that it is my unfamiliarity with WP and bbPress that is preventig me from finding the easy solution. Your help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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