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How to change notice strings

  • rsanchez1


    I want to change the strings used by login notices. Eg, instead of “Registration complete. Please check your email.” I want it to say something like “Thanks for joining! Check your email to complete your registration and start posting.” How can I change those strings?

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  • I think something along the lines of the following might work though it is a BuddyPress guide it would be quite similar to do for bbPress.



    Thanks for the suggestion. The weird thing is that adding a .mo and .po file and changing strings doesn’t work for the template notices. For example, I can change the string “Subscribed Forum Topics” to say “You are subscribed to these forum topics”, but I still can’t change the notice string “Registration complete. Check your email.”

    To be clear, the notice strings are the ones that appear in the yellow box, and display error/confirmation messages.

    Strange, I will have dig around myself over the weekend and take a closer look.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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