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How to change main color background for all pages

  • Just a quick question. I have installed bbPress and I use the Blue theme but I would like to change the white background to a dark gray so the whole page looks the same.

    I edited the style.css in the kakumei and found the ‘fff’ color for white and changed it but the large header text is black (default) and looks bad. Is there a main style I am missing to change this so It looks correct?

    I would like to completely customize it to the site to blend it in.

    Any help is much appr.

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  • Greg


    Can you clarify what you mean by “large header text”?

    Kakumei wasn’t designed with a black background in mind, so you will probably need to restyle many elements to make it look decent.

    A very easy way to find the CSS elements you need is to install Firebug in Firefox. You can then right click on any element in the page and Firebug will tell you its name and the line number where it is defined in style.css.

    You can even change the element definition right there and see the impact of the change in your browser.

    If you have trouble finding any specific elements after trying with Firebug, post here explaining what you did and we can point you to the right place in style.css.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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