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How to change bbpress forum layout?

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  • Hi!

    Dropbox’s forum is quite nice, I am also trying to make a look-alike forum.

    You have to play with the css :D

    Thanks for your response. :)

    At the moment I think I need to create a ‘child theme’ of the bbpress so that any changes will not be affected by a future update – after which, it is time to play with the css. How? I’m not quite sure (yet). ;)

    I think you have to copy the bbp-twentyten directory from:




    then you can activate the new theme from Appearance after this you can edit the style.css at /themes/%yourdir%/style.css

    Let me try that just now and I will get back to you if it works (or if it doesn’t). ;)

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on that. I did exactly what you suggested, redrudolf, but all that did was create another ‘bbPress (Twenty Ten) 1.2 by WordPress and bbPress teams’ theme. Thanks anyway.

    I have been trying other things too but can’t seem to work out what I should be doing – I think I need someone to walk me through it step by step. lol

    In WordPress, there’s a chance to pick out the template for every page (dropdown on Edit Page and Edit Post pages).
    bbPress forum root, forums, topics and replies are custom post varieties.
    It would be smart to check in bbPress the flexibility to line the default layout for every of those.
    Dropdown (like the one on Edit Page page), whereby the admin will choose the layouts from among the active theme’s layouts shall be ideal.
    (I perceive that if once this the admin decides to alter the theme, he can got to choose the default layouts for bbPress custom posts once more – similar to he has to do therefore for traditional pages and posts

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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