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How to build a link to subscription list for logged in user

  • tauschring


    Wordpress 5.3 bbpress 2.6.2

    I would like to create a link to the list of subscribed topics in the page menu in a bbpress forum. Since I use wp user manager as logon widget, unfortunately this does not include it. The bbpress login widget is not used because you can not upload a photo when editing the profile and because many fields are displayed that I do not use. Wp usermanager I could restrict to the fields User-Display-Name, Firstname, Lastname and E.Mail-Address.

    In order to be able to display lists like subscriptions and favorites, I would like to create the following link in the sidebar that works in my text widget:
    Abonnierte Themen

    “Test-1234” is a sample user that works with the above link in the text widget .. “test-1234” should be replaced by a variable with the display user name, thus linking each logged in user to his own subscription list leads.

    Or would it be better to write a plugin widget? Then I’ll learn how to do.

    Since I am new to WordPress and bbpress and also have little experience with PHP, I ask for help how to solve it.
    Thank you and greetings from the Lake of Konstanz,

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