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How to authenticate using third party api

  • thecraneadmin


    I was asked to add a forum to our corporate website using bbPress. Based on what I have seen so far it is not hard or complicated to install, configure and use. However, the second part of the request has me stumped. The requirement is not to ask the user to create a new account but rather use the credentials they provided in a third party software to authentication. This third party software provides an API endpoint for authentication. So I need to send the username and password to the third party software to verify the user. If the API returns success then the user can use the forum.

    I assume that a user account still needs to be created in WordPress for bbPress to tag the user’s name to his or her posts. Is this a correct assumption?

    How can I implement this solution? Is there a plugin out there that I can use or can I write some modification to bbPress to achieve this task?

    Here is the info you required.
    WordPress: 5.3
    bbPress: Version: 2.6.3


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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