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How to add "Text Box" in sidebar in Inove theme???

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  • Hey mhyd,

    Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to the question you’ve posted above. I do however have a question for you.

    On your site you have a “welcome guests” widget with login./register options which takes the user to separate forms within your site. Can you tell me how you did that? I only seem to have the option to have users login or register at a wordpress site.

    I am also using the inove theme. I’d greatly appreciate your help.!

    To possibly answer your question… can you not just add a text box widget and write the html right into the text area, linking to an ad or donate button image with a url link?



    chris [at]



    Add the code to your sidebar.php, just follow the same format as the other two boxes that are there. Then put your code in between the opening and closing tags. It would be a new block of code looking something like this:

    <!-- ads START -->
    <div class="widget">
    <h3>Please visit our sponsors</h3>
    <div class="fixed"></div>
    </div><!-- end widget -->
    <!-- ads END -->

    Just put that wherever you want in the sidebar, before or after whatever else is there. Just make sure you don’t post it into the middle of some other div and break the sidebar.

    I don’t know of a bbPress theme with the concept of widgets. So you’ll have to edit sidebar.php manually to achieve what you want.

    I am unable to find sidebar.php in my theme, can U help me in where can i find that? OR I have to create one?

    I have Inove theme in my bbpress…

    I got it… I have to edit that in footer.php…

    Thanks chrishajer

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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