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How to add forum to a Menubar

  • Im new to both wordpress and bbPress forum, however i got it to work and both the website and forum are up and running.

    The only problem i have is: I cant seem to figure out how to link my forum to one of the menu bar buttons. Lets say i have a menu button called ” Community Forum “, when someone klicks that menu button i want the forum to show.

    How do i link the forum page to the Community Forum menu bar button? Ive pulled my hair for hours trying to figure this out. :D

    Oh, one more thing. What file should i edit to fix the background and text on the forum?

    Thats all, thanks for a lovely plugin!

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  • War82, the answer depends on your theme.

    Most likely, your theme will generate the links in the menu bar automatically from your pages.

    In this case, the easiest solution for you would be to add a simple redirection plugin such as this: (first result if you search ‘redirect’ from the ‘add new’ plugin page in your wordpress installation)

    Then you would just create the page “Community Forum”, copy the URL of the page (e.g.

    With the plugin installed and the page created you would just go into the redirection plugin setting menu and add a redirect from the community forum url to your forum url ( by default)

    Good luck

    THank you :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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