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how to add a sticky in post


    STILL LOOKING FOR EXPERT to help with Reputation Plugin, POLLS and Avatars. My current expert seems to make things work less as time goes by. HELP!!

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  • _ck_


    Your caps seem to have a problem of being stuck half the time, please fix that.

    bbPress does not have any way currently to make a post sticky (I assume you mean inside a topic)

    As an alternative you can use the new Edit Post Attributes plugin to change the post date and position to something earlier than the first post and that might make it the first post.

    I solved the sticky note situation. Sorry about the caps had some beer go into my keyboard.

    Now another problem, how can I correct this error that has come up.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bb_polls_pre_poll() in /home/content/a/l/e/alexander9999/html/forums/bb-templates/blank2rbbpress/topic.php on line 2

    I would like to make a donation to _ck_ plugins if I can have someone help me out with some of my forum issues

    You are calling an undefined function. A quick search reveals that the function is of bbPress Polls Plugin. Make sure the plugin is installed & activated.

    We probably deleted or turned off the poll plugin as it wasn’t working. Do you have time ashfame to look at it. I can send you some money via paypal.

    I like your website by the way.

    I reactivated the Poll plugin and now that error has gone away, but still doesn’t make the Poll to function.

    Are you on v1.0 now? If yes you are out of luck as most of the plugins won’t work with the newer version due to a lot of code which has been changed in bbPress.

    P.S. – You can email me at

    QuickD is on version 0.9, so it should be compatible.

    QuickD – You might have more luck posting about each problem separately? Then we could try to troubleshoot each one as a community…

    Well the other issues don’t really have error messages. One is reputation plugin didn’t work at all. Couldn’t add or subtract points from the user also wanted to change so that points were not added for merely making a posting. In regards to avatars some seem to work and not others. Others have a little ? by the name so its like an image was selected but no image displays. What we want is either a selected image or the default image that is used in this forum.

    The site in question is


    QuickD – Sorry to be unclear – I meant, please post each problem as a separate thread.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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