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How to actually partner root with a WP-page

  • dropshot


    Customize your Forums root. Partner with a WordPress Page and use Shortcodes for more flexibility.

    What does this mean??

    I’ve set the forums root to “forums”. Then I’ve created a WP-page with slug “forums” and included some shortcodes.

    The WP-page is ignored, so content displayed on /forums is the bbpress default index page.

    What does this mean: “Partner with a WordPress Page and use Shortcodes for more flexibility.”??

    How do I replace the default index with a WP-page?

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  • Robin W



    Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum – Part 1

    item 3

    method 2 lets you add text before (or after) such as

    “welcome to our forums….”



    Thanks for your reply.

    This might seem obvious for the creator of bbpress. But it really isn’t. I think you need to drop the word “partner” cause that is really confusing.

    Method 1:
    This doesn’t do anything other than adds a page that you can add to your navigation. You could instead basically add a custom link to your navigation because the page itself isn’t displayed since you have the same slug as you set for forum root index. The default bbpress index will be displayed. Having a wordpress-page is just confusing since nothing added to that page is displayed.

    Method 2:
    This method doesn’t mention the slug at all so I presume the slug here is different then the one set as forum root index. Fine. Name your page anything and add anything along with the shortcode [bbp-forum-index]. There you have it. You think…

    You think you have customized your forum index page. But in fact that page is just a non-bbpress page that happens to have bbpress content in it. How so?

    1) Your breadcrumb forum index link will still display the default index page.

    2) And if you use the bbp style pack to add login-logout-buttons to your navigation it won’t recognize your custom index page as a bbpress-page. (The buttons won’t display when option is set to only display on forum pages)

    Maybe it’s just me, but If I create my own index page, of course I want that page to be the index page linked to in the breadcrumbs as well.

    So. I’m struggling with the word “partner” here. In my mind it says a wordpress page can partner with bbpress and act as the forum index page. As a replacement not as an addition. It can’t be that you should have TWO different index pages, can it?

    So, how do I create a custom forum index page that is recognized as a forum page and acts as the forum index page in the breadcrumbs?




    Any one? Please…

    How do I create a custom index page that is actually a bbpress-page and NOT an ordinary wordpress page that happens to have bbpress-content in it?

    The problem with the suggestion that Robin offers is that his own plugin (bbp style pack) won’t recognize the custom page as a bbpress page.

    If I’m being stupid and missing something obvious please let me know.




    I am also anxious to learn how to do this. I’d settle for learning how to customize the default bbpress pages, if it’s not possible to redirect. This seems extremely fundamental, but I can’t find any answers.



    I am still looking for help with this, but I moved my question to another topic so @dropshot can still get their answer.

    bbPress overwriting page styles

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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