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How should I do this?

  • Adam


    At some point in the next 3 years BBpress 2.1 will be released (being dramatic here) and when it does my plugin will tell me to upgrade. How ever I have customized the plugin its self in terms of adding to the core files its self and adding in a couple new features…

    How would you guys suggest upgrading BBpress when it does get released so that it doesn’t break my site, disturb my non existent users or other wise do other damage?

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  • Not much you can do since you changed core files.

    Make sure you have a backup of your current bbPress directory before the upgrade (it will get deleted). Then after the upgrade you will have to start manually merging your edits back to 2.1 core again.

    Ideally you shouldn’t touch core if at all possible.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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